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Design for (ink)lusion

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We are (ink). a design and innovation company.


Technology changes, people don’t.

Even though technology has gotten so much better, we haven’t been getting any happier from it. Quite the opposite, in fact.

So why are we doing this?

Our mission is to use the best that technology has got to offer, and put it to good use. We won’t help you UX design a smoother payment process. We will help you develop services that improve their lives.


Inclusive Innovation

In our projects, we reach people that are difficult to reach.


Our projects

Our clients are dare-devil corporates, governments and startups who want to do things a new way. They want to truly enable people, rather then selling them things they don’t really need.



Enabling women in abusive relationships to make more informed decisions about their lives.



Enabling 200.000+ neighbors to share instead of buy.



Enabling employees to find more purpose in their work.



Enabling older people to feel completely in charge of their lives.


How can we help you?

Create the change you’d like to see.


Our studio:

We’re a social design studio and we are looking for freelancers and small companies to share our new warehouse studio. We bounce ideas off each together, share progress of projects and on Fridays we drink beer.


( ink ). people

We’re a bunch of tech people who have been working together on projects for years, and decided to join forces in the beginning of 2018.


Anna Noyons Co-founder

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Mayra Kapteyn Co-founder


Get in touch

To discuss new projects, partnerships or just the weather.

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