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Design for inclusion


We are (ink). a design and innovation company.

We create products, systems and services that get the best out of people. We include people in your business, and that’s good for your business. If you design to get the best out of them, they’ll stick with you and get the best out of you.


Inclusive Innovation

Being inclusive towards the people in your business, is good for your business.

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Our projects

Working closely together with our clients, we build a team and a process that allows our clients to work independently and without our support as quickly as possible.



Chayn is a survivor-led tech platform to empower women in abusive relationships. Our challenge was to enable women to make more informed decisions about their lives.


Our founder, Anna, has been the Chief Product Officer at Peerby between 2013 and 2017. This is where she met our co-founder, Mayra, and she told her: “You should be a designer. The world needs more designers like you”.



Randstad asked us to help them design a service that enables employees to find more purpose in their work.



Monuta wants to enable elderly people to feel completely in charge of their lives. This group is often stereotyped, so we wanted to show that age is nothing but a mindset.


We do corporate, public and startup innovation.

How can we help you?

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We know how to create purpose, how to redefine goals and innovate within existing structures.

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We believe in human-centred-design. We solve problems with the user in mind and are motivated to create positive change within society.

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We have the expertise and knowledge to navigate startups through the process of creation.

A collective studio rather than a coworking space.

and we want you to join us!

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Our studio:

We’re a social design studio and we are looking for freelancers and small companies to share our new warehouse studio. We bounce ideas off each together, share progress of projects and on Fridays we drink beer.



Interested? Get some more info:


Anna Noyons - Co-founder

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Mayra Kapteyn - Co-founder


"We believe in building innovative culture that is future proof"


Get in touch

We are always interested in new projects, partnerships or even just a chat over coffee. We want to create a community of people who are ready to innovate.