Online coaching service for a more meaningful career.


Our role:

Product owner, Service Designer, UX/UI design, Growth Hacking

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Design a solution that can make personal development desirable, feasible and viable for the whole organisation.


Employees only make time for personal development when it’s a part of the organisation’s culture, so therefore social interaction with colleagues is a must.


Tomto is a three-month online service that helps people find their why, and coaches them towards their how.


What we’ve learned?

Corporate Startups can combine the best of two worlds.

We believe the startup approach can benefit from corporate scale and vice versa. Born out of Randstad’s incubator, we experienced how their long-term relationships with the country’s biggest players helped open doors to work with employees from Ahold, Capgemini, KPN and many more.

At the same time, we had maintain the startup’s agility, by working as a satellite team of the corporate organisation.

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