Randstad Nederland asked us to facilitate them in their Innovation Strategy.

Our role:




Define how Randstad might add lifelong value in people’s world of work.


The jobs we’ll be doing in the future won’t be taken over by robots. The jobs will become more humane. The future of work requires a new mindset, skillset, and ecosystem.


An innovation menu outlining four Big Bets that Randstad could take so they’ll keep people connected to work in 2030. Containing the why, the what (scenario) and the how - what sharp choices need to be made.


What we’ve learned?

Quick and thorough research

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For this project, we went further than talking to users and experts. To truly understand the opportunity that Randstad’s “touch” entails, we went undercover and played the part of job seekers at Randstad locations. 

We experiences being heard by their consultants, and got to feel the complex and emotional reality of job seeking.


Close collaboration with the Randstad Innovation team

The project team consisted of 50% (ink) designers and 50% Randstad employees, with a group of 5 other people receiving training on the our Visionising process. The purpose of this different approach is to create in-house change agents that boost the organisation’s innovative potential.


Want to hear more about this project?

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