Anna has been the Chief Product Officer at Peerby between 2013 and 2017.

This is where she met our co-founder, Mayra, and the rest is history.



Give form to the vision of Daan Weddepohl: to allow people to help eachother out, the same way he was helped out when his house burned to the ground.


People are very willing to help out, all they need is a request that mimics real life as much as possible.


Peerby is now the world’s biggest sharing platform with 300k+ active users, and broke records raising 2m in crowdfunding in 2017.


Building a viral startup from scratch

During the years working with Peerby, we got to experience building a startup from scratch. That meant: handling neighbor requests via excel sheets, biking around town to test out delivery services, and a whole lot of hustling. 

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It also meant seeing a community grow around you: a community of people that support your vision and in some cases will engage with your app over 3000 times (!) in order to support it.


Technology that gets the best out of people

With Peerby, we wanted to prove that technology can really get the best out of people. People often ask us if the platform isn’t just full of freeloaders who use the platform as a way to steal their neighbors household items.


It turns out, you can count all incidents on one hand. People join Peerby mostly because they enjoy the gift of giving.


Our role:

Head of Product, service design & research


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