About ( ink ).

We are a design & innovation company committed to social impact.


Our discovery: 

What people are craving today, more than anything, is for companies & organisations to be their partner - to bring out the best in them. 

We’re getting more and more critical of companies and governmental services that do not seem to have our best interest at heart. Companies that hijack our attention, governmental services that leave people feeling excluded.

Instead, we’re looking for services that are empowering. That makes us feel stronger, grounded. So we can be of value to our community. That is what provides meaning.

Our solution:

We believe the answer lies in creating offerings that actually matter. Things that make people feel that they have a partner, and they’ll engage with you because you’ll bring out the best in them.

Our process:

We start by understanding people’s psychology, understanding what goals they’re trying to achieve. Then we develop attractive, elegant offerings to help them achieve those goals.

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What do we do?

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Innovation strategy

Using design research methods, we craft opportunity areas where and how your business or organisation can become people’s partner and bring out the best in them.

Case study: Randstad Future of Work


Innovation labs

We set up innovation labs for where our community of entrepreneurial designers work side-by-side with field stakeholders to come up with gamechanging new solutions.

Case study: Jeugdzorg Garage 2020


Product design

We create digital and physical products that engage users and build business value.

Case Study: Peerby


Product marketing & visual design

We create a meaningful story to share with your community through branding & marketing touchpoints.

Case study: Autheos’ new story, brand & landing page.